Feelgoodfilms – Africa

Feel Good Films Africa is a collaboration between Feel Good Films International and The Video Lounge Pan Africa.

Feelgood is a creative production company, born and bred in Africa. Jeremy and Liza Goodall founded the company in 2007 after having worked together in South Africa for many years prior. Over these years we have had the privilege of producing a great many commercials across Africa and have always been successful in these endeavours.
During these exciting times we have been called upon to create television and cinema advertising across all budgets as well as called upon to work in the most challenging of environments. We have proven that we are well capable of bringing added value to all projects from casts of hundreds across many countries to small strike crews flying under the radar and working in a “gorilla” style with minimum support.
In addition, we have the years of experience to assist in improving concepts within the parameters of the budgets. Working closely with the creative teams (Agency) we bring the reality of shooting the concepts into sharp focus and collectively adjust and improve these to ensure that the target market is well informed and entertained by each and every piece of communication we produce.
Our experience has stood us in good stead for this exciting partnership with the Video lounge and we can see that the collaboration between the production experience in Africa and the creative expertise of the stable of Directors is a powerful combination which makes this group a formidable asset for any client in the region.
The Video Lounge is an energetic, innovative and pioneering production and post-production company. Blazing new trails in Africa since 1987, we have expanded our footprint to take our work and our passion to the rest of Africa and beyond.

We offer our clients world-class production services, produced in any country across the African continent. In each country our local partners provide us with invaluable knowledge and understanding of the local culture, ensuring that our logistics are seamless allowing our International Creative’s to do what they do best!

Since our early days we’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience and
expertise along the way. Our highly skilled teams with their “Can-do” approach to production in general makes our clients experience with us both enjoyable and keeps them coming back year after year.



Jeremy Goodall


African Contact

Debbie Terry


+27 83 628 3412

Founder/Executive Producer

Liza Goodall